Ammon’s ATC Audio

As you all know, Ammon recently had his very first day of WORK at Nav Canada talking with real live pilots. His lovely girlfriend Sasha, sent us this audio recording from the ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service), which she called every 5 minutes just to hear his voice. If that’s not sweet I don’t know what is.


It impresses me so much to see how far he has come. He went from this bossy older brother, dragging me across the world, to bossing PLANES around. Now there’s a serious upgrade. I love listening to this clip because it sound like it came right out of a movie.
As I said many times before, I couldn’t be more proud of my big brother.
P.S. I think he learned a thing or two about speed talking from me 😉

Sasha's homemade cake for Ammon  ATC celebration with airplane cake and all

ATC celebration with Sasha’s homemade airplane cake and all


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