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The Sacred Valley

The mountains rose up out of nothing and towered over us as we cruised through the rolling hills. Local women were herding sheep, standing amongst perfectly stacked and harvested hay in the fields and visiting nearby villages on foot. They wear their thick black hair in double braids, […]

Takanakuy Fight

During our walk through the market and town of Urubamba with Giancarlo, the manager of Sacred Dreams Lodge , we bumped into the hotel’s bar tender Francisco. He’s a really friendly, young guy with long black hair and an endearing smile. After a quick chat Francisco pointed us […]

Halfway Mark in Peru

We are HALFWAY through our amazing 6 week trip in South America. Wow. I feel like time flies and yet we have done so much in that seemingly short time. We’ve hiked to the world wonder Machu Picchu, shared the jungle with exotic wildlife at the amazing jungle lodge, […]

Touch Down Lima, Peru

It was strange to pack up and leave the house and our visitors Sky and Adriana behind.  They were flying the following day to Spain. I guess you know you’re a well-travelled family when Mom has to drive to Schiphol Airport three times in a week. With our trusty […]

Country #110 and #111 are……

PERU and BOLIVIA!!!!! This time it wasn’t NEARLY as difficult as it was when you had to guess Cape Verde, as my 100th country. The WINNERS of the signed paperbacks were Margriet Smit from Holland who guessed Peru first and Holly from U.K. who guessed BOTH Peru and […]