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Ammon and Sasha

Many of you know my brother Ammon from my book series Sihpromatum. To those who have been following it comes as no surprise that Ammon has tied the knot with the stunning Sasha and they are currently on their year-long South American honeymoon extravaganza. This summer we visited […]

Havana, Cuba

Cuba Photo Essay

Unfortunately I have not yet been to Cuba but LUCKILY someone in my family has been. Earlier this year, Ammon and Sasha went to Cuba and this is what he has to say about Cuba: “Cuba is a hard country to write about without getting political because it […]

Northern Cyprus

Cyprus Photo Essay

Cyprus is one of the last three European countries I have yet to visit. Ammon visited North Cyprus a few years back and of course his stories and photos inspire me to one day see this European island country! Ammon says: “It has a lack of development because […]

Belize with Mom and Ammon

Mom, brother Ammon (from my Sihpromatum Travel Memoirs) and his girlfriend Sasha are in Belize! I’m so excited to share their adventures with you. Sister Bree and her boyfriend Donavin went to Belize a few years ago and loved their trip, so I know it’s a must for […]