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  1. Really enjoyed your adventure. Having moved to Africa as a brand new bride from Catskill, NY I can appreciate a lot of your experiences. My husband was a professional game capturer from then South West Afica which is Nambia today whose family supplied exotic animals to the zoos of the world. I was raised in America’s largest privately-owned zoo with over 2,000 animals. I have also lived in an 18 foot caravan in the Namib Desert. When capturing animals in then Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) we lived for six to seven months of the year in thatched roof huts or or our caravan. Our newly caught baby elephants, zebras, giraffes and various antelope surrounded our camp.

    I have also traveled the world far more comfortably than you all did. I had a marvelous trip to China last year as well. I enjoyed your stories of Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, the Yangtze River and Shanghai where I visited particularly. I am 73 now and quite as willing to give up my creature comforts today, but well remember having a ball camping under the stars.

    Kathie Schulz

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    • Wow Kathie! That is absolutely incredible. WOW. When is your memoir coming out? Oh how I miss the stars, warm nights, the sounds of nature all around me….I think I even miss the mosquitos. Did I just say that?! Anything to make you feel alive! Congrats on a beautiful life. I wish i had more interaction with wildlife in Africa.


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