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Lesotho Photo Essay

Lesotho is one of two countries landlocked within the country of South Africa, the other being Swaziland. It holds the record for being the country with the highest low point, that being 1,400 m.

Of all the 111 countries I’ve visited Lesotho is the only one I haven’t officially been to…as I somehow convinced my fellow travellers to smuggle me into the country because I was not in possession of my passport (it was being renewed in Pretoria) and I didn’t want to prevent the others from going. A heart racing experience got us into the country and an even more intense scenario got us out.

Though we were only there for a couple days, it is a country and experience I will never forget and one of the few I’ve been so very happy to leave!!



Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Liberia.

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