Savannah Grace

Gambia Photo Essay

Though our stay in The Gambia was quite short, just 8 days, we made many memories there and met a lot of new friends.

We stayed with a wonderful family who hosted all 6 of us (my entire family!) through Couch Surfing. It was here with their family that all three of us girls had our hair braided in cornrows, a very common hairdo in Africa. It was a painful, long process and a style we’d use throughout almost our entire journey through Africa.

I’ll never forget the local street party we watched from our host family’s balcony and the extreme amount of energy displayed that night. The drumming and music was exhilarating.  The women were shaking their booties like I’d never seen before!!! It was absolutely thrilling to be a fly on the wall that night and see the real local culture.

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is GEORGIA.

View more photos of Gambia  here.

For more of my travel photography, find me on Instagram. See you there!

Savannah Grace

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