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What a year 2014 Recap

 Wow, it’s hard to believe that 2015 has snuck up on us so quickly. I bet we ALL can remember the hype of 2000 and the excitement that came with it, as if it was yesterday. I spent that special New Years with immediate and extended family in Whistler, BC and will never forget it. And look at us now, approaching 2015.  BUT before we step into an undoubtedly fabulous year, let’s take a minute to recap the joys that 2014 brought us.
                          I was privileged enough to ski with family in both The French Alps Mont Blanc, 
                     10859862_399300623565730_1336059702_n[1]      IMG_6223
                                                                   and Whistler/Blackcomb BC, Canada.
                     10342750_718768021525186_6495631237130708092_n[1]     10888092_399300656899060_556725602_n[1]
  I enjoyed lots of boating and wake boarding in Amsterdam, had half a dozen friends visit us here in Holland, and
rebuilding our 113 year old dutch house (palace!). I completed and released the second book in the Sihpromatum series “Backpacks and Bra Straps”, then went on a fantastic Book Tour (1,000+ paperbacks sold)
                    and visited Cape Verde my 100th country where we stayed in luxury at the Riu Karamboa Resort! What a year it has been.               
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I’d love to hear what everyone else accomplished in 2014. Tomorrow at 6pm GMT, on #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled) chat we will be having a “2014 Recap” and would love to have you join us. Just remember to hashtag #TRLT in your tweets and you can find the questions at
A few things still left on my Bucket List include:
Seeing the Northern Lights – Staying in an Ice Hotel
Would love to get a glimpse of lava, blood of the earth
Visit Japan in the spring and see all the pretty pink cherry blossoms
Go back to China and retrace our family footsteps
Machu Picchu
Easter Island
…Oh no….I feel like my specific list is getting short. I guess that’s a great problem to have but I pretty much feel like anywhere I haven’t been is on my list.
Bora Bora, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Seychelles, Madagascar, ….basically any of those honeymoon/wedding destinations. I would settle for any of those 🙂 Any of THESE  would be pretty freaking cool! Not been to any of them.
And this reminds me of the time we rented out an old Belgian Chateau converted to Hotel with Dutch family. I think renting THIS place and making a family ski trip would be pretty awesome.

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  1. Wow, 31st Dec 1999, I remember that night I was DJ-ing to a party of around 100-150 people! One heck of a night to remember.

    Many congratulations on such a memorable and successful year for you and your family. You work so hard and deserve all your success.

    Rebuilding a 113 year old house sounds like quite an adventure.

    Happy New Year to you and all of your family and close friends.

    • Wow…. when you put it like that December 31st 1999, has a totally different feeling. I’m so happy I experienced the 1900s in my life, even for just a short time. That does sound amazing, The I Didn’t Know you Could DJ Guy.
      Thank you, same to you!
      Yes, I should really post some pics of the house one of these days. Was a great adventure, just a very different kind than I’m used to.
      Happy New Year to you!!!! May 2015 bring us lots of joy and happiness!!

  2. Happy New Year Savannah,The New Year in 1999 we were up Grouse mountain dancing and having a wonderful time with family and friends I had a super great 2014 and can’t wait for another wonderful year with lots of GREAT things to happen

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