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KLM Business Class

After a more than perfect book tour, Manager Mom and I returned home yesterday with KLM airlines from Vancouver, Canada to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We were busy until the final hour, rushing around to get everything ticked off our to-do list, including a book signing at Black Bond Books in Lynn Valley and special guest speaking at a wonderful meditation group called Mother Mary’s Healing.
Wrapping everything up and feeling so proud after all that we’d accomplished in the past seven weeks, I was thrilled when I read “You’ve been upgraded” when checking-in our E-ticket. Seat 06A and 06B!!! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a job well done.

Suddenly I went from feeling dread of flying to excitement. Having access to the Plaza Lounge was a delight and although we didn’t have enough time to use all of the facilities, I was more than impressed by the fact that they have bedrooms to take a nap!
10846744_389764901185969_1332279623_n[1] (2)

I’m sure that most of you have read my books and know more than you should about my family, so naturally, me in Business Class is almost comically unfitting (and something Ammon would disown me for). It shouldn’t be to your surprise that this was my very first experience flying Business Class. How exciting! I just had to stop and imagine myself a few years back, dusty beyond belief, hot, hungry and sweating under the intense African sun and its red earth. I would have died of shock if I’d come straight from there and stepped onto this luxury flight. I was instantly impressed by the more than spacious seats, the foot space alone was more inviting than most beds I slept in around the world.
I always fly in the exact same outfit, (black leggings, boots and a long red shirt with a large cowl neck that I can put over my head and hide under during take-off and landing) perhaps this has something to do with my fear of flying and believing in superstitions. Once on board it’s my tradition to put PJs and fluffy red socks on over my clothes, so sitting in business class felt a little funny as most others sported nice business suits. What can I say? I’m a shameless traveller/writer  🙂10841368_389764944519298_1732899249_n[1]
Before the plane was even loaded we were comfortably seated and sipping champagne, saying “cheers” and celebrating our success.
The inflight food was just short of gourmet and felt like a 9 hour restaurant as we were served an appetizer, main course, desert, breakfast and drinks were presented endlessly. Fresh juices and a large assortment of alcoholic beverages were happily given at any time. The seats adjusted in many directions and the best part was being able to practically lie flat. I can honestly say that it was the fastest 9 hour flight I’ve ever taken. Time just flew by.
10834125_389764924519300_1920023736_n[1] (2)

We arrived 40 minutes early because of strong tailwinds, Mom and I were the very first passengers off the plane and first to leave the airport with our baggage.
This was definitely the cherry on top of a more than perfect book tour! Thank you KLM Canada for your hospitality onboard, a special trip I will always remember.

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  1. Did I read that correctly? A complimentary upgrade? I love it when that happens 🙂

    I think KLM upgraded me to Business from economy on my second trip with them which was a wonderful surprise, especially since it was flying Amsterdam to LA!!

    It is great to hear that you got a taste of the Business Class experience. No doubt with your numerous flights with KLM you have been appreciated by them. Just to let you know I’ve been sat beside an author on a KLM Business Class flight before. You never know…….

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    • Thanks!!! I knew you would appreciate this post since you are The King of Flights Guy. It was an absolute thrill to experience Business Class for the first time!! It went by too fast though 🙂 I wish I could fly that way every time 🙂

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